Joe holding a pizza


I opened the first Joe’s Pizza Stone in Dawson Creek, B.C. in 2015. But long before that I worked at big brand pizza spots spinning doughs, shaking cheese, spreading sauce and figuring out how pizzas cook. I fell in love. I loved how something with such simple ingredients could create so many different flavours. Soon I began testing a million sauce and dough recipes (okay, thousands), and all kinds of cooking techniques until I finally came up with my own dough, sauce and at the heart of it all - hot stones!

This is Joe’s Pizza Stone. Quality, consistency and good service. Our hot stones bring out the best in our doughs and sauce, kind of like how your best friend can brighten your day. We look forward to doing the same for you, giving you amazing pizza, again and again. And at more locations. Thanks for visiting us. Last thing, in case you were curious – yeah, the “Joe” in our name is real. That’s me.

Hope you enjoy our pizza as much as we do. Bring home the taste of stone!